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January 10th, 2008 (11:41 pm)

I will no longer be using this journal for personal updates. I wanted a rename but didn't want to lose this name because of its attachment to me and mine to it. <3 For that reason, I'll be at trickxstar.

This will probably become something of a writing, picture, whatever journal. I've started to delve back into writing and, well, hopefully I'll start taking more pictures. :)

Again, trickxstar

(no subject)

January 10th, 2008 (07:17 am)

I know I just got this journal, but I'm trying to get a rename token, I think.

Or... oh, I donno! I do love this name. :( its part of who I am and my childhood (the whole 'poundapple' thing...)

But I really want this name cuz it was an old screen name of mine that I've recently gone back to.

Perhaps... I could rename trickxstar and..

I donno.

;_; I'm very distressed over this.

sleight of hand and twist of fate

January 9th, 2008 (11:27 am)
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current song: Utada Hikaru - Wait and See ~Risk~

I made a new Last.fm to go with my iPod/iTunes updates. :) So since I have no friends, please add me! Please?!

Uhm, going to meet Sammy for lunch at 12:30, just chilling until then. I'm in the process of downloading Utada Hikaru's and AnCafe's entire discographies. I put up a request for Panic Channel, so we'll see how that goes. I missed all of this. ♥ TT_TT

I have to call Tan in 5 minutes to wake him up and I'm not sure what to do with my time until then, haha.

When the thrill subsides, will you still be mine?
Worry infiltrates my head till I kill it
I fill it instead with improper visions of you

meguru meguru toki naka de

January 8th, 2008 (01:19 pm)
current song: BoA - Don't Start Now

Deli sandwiches are messy as hell, but good as fuck. Ate lunch with Dan and Sammy, discussed a few things, and since then I've been downloading and listening to various JPop, Spanish pop, and Vietnamese pop artists, the majority being JPop. I had seriously forgotten how much I adored this.

I need to find my JRock again. Panic Channel, AnCafe, so on and so forth... Especially Panic Channel. :'[ I seriously was so in love with their TRICK album, it's not even funny. Anyone remember my old screen name trick x star (which was later given to Sammy, ha ha ha, thanks for fuckin' that one up for me buddy)? So inspired by that album, you know!

Japanese is the only language, aside from English, that I've managed to get a good grasp on. I'm not sure why, but it comes so easily to me. Perhaps is the fact that I've exposed myself to it since I was 12 years old, and still fairly impressionable. (You know, the whole idea that you learn things better when you're younger, especially languages, etc.) Maybe it's because I've never actually sat down in a classroom to learn it, but have been self-taught at my own pace. Who knows. All I know, is that it comes easy to me and I don't mind one bit. :)

I spiffed up my layout, but nothing special. Just Component with my own colours and background. La la la, I need to fold some more laundry and then I think I'll finally quit fucking around on the internet and fix my iTunes and iPod like I said I would.

(no subject)

January 8th, 2008 (09:42 am)
current song: Nakashima Mika - Tears

I'm really glad you're in my life, sharing everything. Especially sharing my dreams and endeavours.

That is probably one of the sweetest text messages I've ever received. That totally made my morning.

Folding laundry for now, then meeting Sammy for lunch - whenever that is.

I've slipped back into my Japanese music. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I'm enjoying it for now.

I'm also cleaning up my iTunes and iPod. Starting from scratch, really. I have so much stuff and half of it, I never listen to.

That's it for now. It isn't even 10 yet, so there may be more postage later.

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